Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Romantic Weekend...

Since I am going to be going out of town for over a week, Jody decided to take me to the beach this past weekend. He chose an awesome hotel to stay at, Oceans One, and it was amazing.

Dining room. The flowers reminded me of Kate.

The road side view from our balcony. There is a small amusement park down the road from the resort.

Ok, so I really suck at taking pictures. I was sitting on the bed and decided to make you all jealous about our beautiful view... Just open the curtains and viola!

Like I said, Jody had planned this a few weeks ago. He reserved a room on the 20th floor, with a street view... Just to be different. So, we arrive late evening on Friday only to find out that someone had been playing around in the reservation system and moved our reservation to .. wait for it... SEPTEMBER! GAHH... it took awhile but they upgraded our room.. and we got a beautiful one. Oh how sad, the room had a small jacuzzi tub in it! Guess who FINALLY got to take a bath for the first time in a year??? That's right, yours truly. Hooked the iPod up to a speaker, added some bubbles and read my book... I turned into a prune... ahh, sweet bliss! The only downside was they had to move us the next morning... So, instead of baking on the beach, we reloaded the car and went shopping. Jody took me first off to "our" little place to have breakfast, and then off to the outlet mall.

We found some CUTE shoes for missP, and Kelsea. Wandered around looking for an outfit for me to wear to Penny's wedding (no luck) and headed back to the hotel to get our room again.... It wasn't ready yet. So we headed out to Broadway at the Beach for some people watching and more shopping. We went to Senor Frog's for a small bite to eat. We shared a order of chicken nachos and some sweet tea. YUMM!

We hit the hotel, once again, was able to get into our room, changed into swim suites and hit the pool. Good times! We enjoyed the water, then went back to get ready for dinner. We went to our other favorite place to eat, Original Benjamin. YUM! I ate my fill of crab for a change. We try to go there if we stay in MB for a weekend. We ate our fill, and then headed back for our ritual walk on the beach. The tide was out, so we had some hard sand to walk on. We probably walked a good 3 miles round trip, hitting the main strip on the way back. About this time, my tummy started feeling "funny", but I didn't think much of it.

We check out of our room Sunday morning, and start heading back home. I'm not feeling too hungry, so we get my coffee and start looking for someplace to eat while we are further on the road. By the time we get halfway home, I'm SICK. Nothing says "I love you and am going to miss you so much" like a wonderful case of food poisoning! YUP... I got sick.. VERY sick. Poor Jody! He got me home, into bed and took such good care of me. I wanted to not work on Monday, but had to go in because another co-worker was at her Grandmother's funeral. Ahhh, the joys of being adequately staffed! I'm feeling so much better now, and am thinking about just what I'm going to take with me on my vacation.