Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just sharing my weekend.

Our weekend home. (can't figure out HOW Danielle's head got chopped off)

They are growing up WAY too fast. Danielle and Jeremy.

Feel free to come out and visit any time.=)

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Where to begin? Well, we got a boat, for starters! We went out on the lake with some friends a few weeks ago in their boat, and Jody HAD to have one. So he hunkered down, sold a camera system and installed it in a week so we would have the money to get a used one. We took it out for it's maiden voyage on the 8th, the same day that our friend was having his birthday party. Imagine about 10 boats "parked" and tied up to one another. We all hung out and had fun, Brian lit the bbq and cooked us up some hamburgers and hot dogs. Good times!

Jody was so happy in the water. I'm so glad that he was able to pull it together to get the boat.... unfortunately, it looks like there is a small leak around the transom, but he's fixing that and I think we'll be able to take it out this weekend! YAY! Danielle is supposed to join us for the weekend, to boot. I'm so excited!

Ok, on to other news.... I quit my job yesterday. Didn't even give notice. I've had it! Let's see... First they cut everyone's pay (I lost $.75 an hour), but that week the director went out and bought a cricut system. A few weeks after that, the owner of the daycare bought the director a new car... with daycare money.

Then, our work load increased. She stopped sending the "floater" down to help out, so the 3 of us had to cover each others classes as we got stuff cleaned up. Not a big deal until this week, when the teachers went back to work and brought their kids back.

The problem with that is I was left in a room with EIGHT (8) under 2's (3 were 18 months, 1 was 16 months, 3 were 14 months and 1 was 9 months!) for roughly an hour. What's the big deal with that, you ask? Well, my ratio is supposed to be 1:5! (another teacher in my building was over ratio ALL DAY LONG! ) Ok, on the first day, I could kinda sorta understand that the director was taken by suprise. (but she wasn't, she KNEW when teachers were starting back to work) But for 3 days? That's crazy. When I confronted her about it, she denied ANY knowledge of the issue.

So, I got fed up. I called Jody on my lunch break, and he told me to call Pam. Pam who owned the daycare I worked for for 4 days last summer and left because I "missed my babies". So I called her. She didn't even say "Hello"... she said "Gwen, I was JUST talking about you the other day....."

Needless to say, I went and met the "new" director at that facility on my lunch break, was offered a job (I start Monday!) and Q.U.I.T. OOOO, the bosslady was MAD. I can't blame her. But, I'm done. I'm done with covering her butt. I'm done with not having back up. So, time for a change! I had one mom tell me that she wished I was doing in home care, cause then she'd have me watch her girl and the new one on the way. *sigh* wouldn't that be NICE? I wish I could.

Not much else going on here. Will try to post pictures of our weekend with Danielle as soon as possible.