Monday, September 7, 2009

Message in a bottle......

Here's hoping your Labor Day was as fun as ours! We met our good friends, The Gary's, out on the Lake as usual. We went to a different island this time, as they had spent the weekend camping. As we went cruising around the lake (a first for us) I noticed something floating in the water....

Yep, that is indeed a bottle with a message in it! Jody quickly pulled the boat around and fished out the bottle. When we reached Dreher Island, we opened the bottle to see what was inside.

So, we called the number listed on the letter. The mother answered the phone and was shocked to hear that her daughter had done this. And we were informed that her husband (a game warden!) would be "so pleased" to find out her daughter had been littering! It kinda made our day though..... What a fun idea, right?

This is Dillon. We took his mom (Ginger) and little brother (Drake) when we were going out for dinner on Saturday night. Dillon kept trying to get Jody to go faster! It gets kinda "choppy" on our boat, so we took it easy on him.

Drake. Isn't he a cutie pie? He loves sitting up in the bow and going fast just like his big brother.

We kinda left dinner a little late, so we were able to ride back to the dock as the sun was setting. THAT was a first for us too! It was so beautiful. We even managed to load the boat in the *dark* for the first time. YAY for Firsts!!! Especially firsts that go so well. =)

We figure we have a few good weeks left to hit the lake, and then it's time for winterizing and such. Not sure what we'll do once we have weekends with out boat time! I'm sure we'll figure something out.