Monday, July 28, 2008

Is nothing sacred?

I am shocked. I have been to this congregation on several occasions, slept in the sanctuary. I took being safe for granted. I can only imagine how the members feel in this moment. All I can do is send out prayers and healing energy to my friends, "my kids". Please do the same.

Shooting at church

TVUUC Website

Much love...

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Two things:

I appologize for swearing in your ear the other day... Thanks for being understanding about it, though. I usually try really hard to respect boundaries and what is and isn't OK to say around my loved ones. I'll be sure to do the hands free mode from now on!

ALSO, when are you going to start posting on YOUR blog? I know you are busy moving and stuff, but it would be cool if you started blogging too, and this is MUCH easier than myspace, AND everyone can read it! =) Love you Jill-burg!


Ok, so, I had started writing a post, and in another window, i was checking out a website.... In the process of checking that website out, Firefox (my browser) decided to stop responding. SO, I ended up LOSING my post. It was a LONG, rambling thing, mainly an ego stroke, cause who really wants to hear about: rent woes, water filters, babies with separation anxiety and bluegrass festivals?

So, in a nutshell, we are doing ok, plugging away, wishing we had less rent to pay. Begging for a roommate. Patting myself on the back because the babies LOVE me. All in all, a VERY boring life, and a wee bit of complaining. Probably better that it DIDN'T post, maybe the universe is telling me something.

I did go and get my hair cut yesterday. I sat down in the chair, and the girl asked me how I wanted it. I told her it needed to be cleaned up. After 3 DISASTERS, I really needed someone who at least seemed competent. Well, things are evened up, and not looking sooo bad. *whew* I miss my "longer" hair, but the short is good, no muss, no fuss, get out the door in the morning type of thing. I also decided to get away from the highlights that were in it. They worked GREAT with the bob, but not so much with the shorter 'do. I found a really awesome red, and went home and colored my hair. It's ummmmmmmm, BRIGHT. But I think I'm rockin' it. =)

Not much else... Anyone wanna come live in BEAUTIFUL Elgin???? We have a nice sized room and your own bathroom (you'd only have to share it with ummmmm, guests and umm, when I don't feel like walking to my bathroom... ) We're pretty easy going, and would LOVE to have you. :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just an update...

Poor Danielle inherited Dad's eyebrows. So, this is her after me torturing her. :) isn't she pretty???? Danielle and I had fun. :) I really enjoy spending time with her. Dinner with the friends was fun, they all have younger kids, I think the OLDEST one may be 8... But it was fun none-the-less. Dylan REALLY likes Danielle, he starts Kindergarten this fall... He's a cutie, but I think she may start getting annoyed with him if we aren't careful. You know how it is. =)

I got a phone call from Jody on the way home.. he was getting ready to put dinner in the oven... Chicken Enchiladas! YUMMMMMM!!! Just another hour or so... so yippie oh joy oh bliss. Last night, he made corned beef and cabbage! He's a good "house boy" lol! Oh, Have I mentioned that I'm no longer vegetarian? Long story, but I now eat meat.. yum yum yum. :) (enzyme pills for about a month every time I had any meat, but other than that, no real side effects *whew*)

My hands are freezing and therefore not allowing me to type very well.. I guess I'll close this. It's good to know that our air conditioner works, though!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm a Sadist!

So, Danielle is spending the weekend with me. =) She got to go to Myrtle Beach yesterday with Jody, and today was our girl time. It was time for me to go and tame my eyebrows so I asked her if she wanted to go with. HE HEH HEH. She says NEVER AGAIN!!!! says that I'm a sadist to put her through that. BUT she looks soooooooo much better.. I'll post pictures later.

We are going to go out for dinner with a group of friends. Can't WAIT!!! how very fun. A whole group of car junkies having dinner together. I hope Danielle has fun too.

anyway.. pictures later...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Not to break my arm patting myself on the back....

But I drove to LCC today, to see if they would have me back.... HA! I barely had time to get out of the car when the bosslady came up to me and asked me to PLEASE tell her why I was there and to PLEASE make it be good news. Needless to say, I start back over there tomorrow. I'm going to get a raise, not sure how much of one, but as the bosslady's bosslady said, times are tough, they are going to do what they can and when things pick up, another raise. WHOOT. ON top of that.. they fired the trouble maker!!!! YES!!! Things are looking up! =)
I asked if I could go see "my babies" and Ms.J was walking out, and she just smiled and said "I love you, and thanks for coming back". She had called me last night to tell me about what was going on. Begging me to come back. I didn't know that I had made such a difference. Really. I'm kicking myself about not being more... well, more involved, I guess.
I did kinda hurt myself cause I didn't wanna leave the other place short handed today. SO, I went in and worked a full day (when I could have started right back up at LCC!) and only when I officially turned in my resignation letter (I had already talked to the director this morning) did she decide to remind me that I'll only be making 5.15 an hour for the past four days!!! GRRRRRR.
I know, I did sign the contract, and I agreed to it, but dang it, 3 days at that would have been "ok" (not really, but still!) but to know that was going to happen and not remind me, well, that took balls.

MissP's mom showed up ath the other daycare today, to tell them that she wasn't gonna be placing MissP with them, and the director was kinda huffy with her... BUT she took it in stride, and said that she just wanted to see about them holding onto the paperwork she had already filled out "just in case".

Ok, I need to get off of here. Danielle is spending time with us!! Jody is going to the beach to pass out business cards and called to see if she wanted to go with... So, I got her until Sunday!!! Mommy is happy. =)

love you all!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Call me..... CRAZY!!!!

So... I've been at the new job for 3 days. I HATE IT! For now, I work in the baby room full time. The head teacher is on vacation, so I'm helping out. The old biddy that is in there is driving me crazy.

MissL is older (I'd day around 60ish...) (****Yes, Mom, I KNOW it's not really old!!!) but she comes in, changes diapers, fixes a few bottles, slams the babies into their cribs/swings/exersaucers and sits on her butt and then yells at the babies to shut up. The kicker... The director and the owner are well aware of what's going on, and they are just waiting for her to retire. I thought I could hold my tongue and just wait it out.....

Here's the kicker.. the only way to get MissL to do anything is to be rude/mean to her. To practically tell her to get off her butt and do something. Now, there are younger girls that work there, that will mouth off to her, tell her very rudely i might say, to get off her butt..... I'm sorry, my Momma raised me better!!!! I WILL NOT STOOP TO THEIR LEVEL!!! Apparently, since the director is aware, she's not willing to do anything to change the issue....

Let me give you an example of why I'm pulling my hair out....

There's TinyT who happens to be a 2 year old in the infant room. I'm not sure of all her medical issues, but I know she had a feeding tube for SEVERAL months, if not for the first year, of her life. She is just now learning to walk, and doing quite well at it, thankyouverymuch. She is TINY, just barely 15 pounds (yes, she is 2!!), and wont eat very well..... TinyT's mom drops her off right around 630 in the morning. We try to feed her "lunch" around 1045 or 1100. My first 2 days I made the mistake of trying to feed her, instead of letting her pick up her food for herself off of her try. So, today, I put her peas and peaches on her tray and let her have at it. MissL told me NOT to let her feed herself, cause she'd just make a mess... Well, no mess, one pea on the floor, and her hands needed washed... BUT she ATE her food!!... Now, I get her washed up and let her play. MissL decides that since she's been there since 630 in the morning, TinyT needs to take a nap. The thing is, TinyT isn't sleepy, yet... But MissL puts her in her crib anyway, and sets her chair next to the crib... SO, even though TinyT isn't crying in her crib, she has to hang out in there with no toys, and MissL telling her to go to sleep.... NOW. I couldn't pull her out of the crib without looking EXTREMELY disrespectful, because, like I said, she had parked her chair right there in front of the crib. So, TinyT was in her crib for nearly 2 hours before falling asleep. What was I supposed to do? GRRRRR.

I had to stop in to the old job site, and pick up my check. The bosslady asked me when I was coming back.I'm soooooooooo tempted. Supposedly,the b**** that works with the 2yr olds is going to get fired, and she was my main problem. I had big issues with the way she treated them... and I felt that nothing was getting done to get a handle on it..... Also, I got to go see "my babies" for a few moments. I hated leaving them. LittleR was sitting on the floor crying when I walked in, she saw me, still crying but smiled a little and reached her arms out to me..... LittleR NEVER reached out to me before.... She had just started reaching for mom and dad the week before I left....

So, I'm torn.. I torn as to what the right choice is. I think a few phone calls are in order. I'll be calling the bosslady and see just how badly she wants me back, if she's willing to put her money where her mouth is. =) NO, it's not ALL about the money, but if I'm driving over 70miles a day, well, money is VERY important.

Ok.. well, I'm going to bed.... thanks for listening!

Monday, July 14, 2008


Just a little something I do from time to time to "check" myself. The last time I did it, I scored 100% UU, and about 98% Neo-Pagan. Imagine that. Have any of you tried this?

1. Neo-Pagan (100%)
2. Unitarian Universalism (98%)
3. New Age (96%)
4. Liberal Quakers (90%)
5. Secular Humanism (87%)
6. Mahayana Buddhism (81%)
7. Theravada Buddhism (76%)
8. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (75%)
9. Taoism (64%)
10. Reform Judaism (63%)
11. Jainism (59%)
12. New Thought (59%)
13. Scientology (57%)
14. Orthodox Quaker (55%)
15. Nontheist (52%)
16. Sikhism (52%)
17. Hinduism (48%)
18. Bahá'í Faith (41%)
19. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (40%)
20. Orthodox Judaism (34%)
21. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (28%)
22. Seventh Day Adventist (25%)
23. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (24%)
24. Islam (24%)
25. Eastern Orthodox (19%)
26. Roman Catholic (19%)
27. Jehovah's Witness (17%)

you should check it out... (how do you guys imbed the code????)

Also, today is the first day of my new job! Whoot!!! I'm excited!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Being productive =)

So, when I got married the first time, Kevin's uncle made me a recipe box, and his Tata Yvette took the time to write out all of her favorite recipes for me. Tansy asked me one day if she could have the box. Well, I decided to type out the recipes for myself, and let Tansy have the original hand written cards.

So, I started typing out the recipes. I had printed some of them out, and went on with my day. I was JUST sitting down watching TV, and looked over at *THIS recipe card... and started laughing and laughing!!! Can any one tell me *WHY* I'd be laughing????

Recipe for: Crab Delight Dip
From the Kitchen of: Yvette Newby

Ingredients: 1 Can Cream of Mushroom Soup 1 envelope unflavored gelatin
3 TBS. COLD water ¾ cup mayonnaise
8 oz pkg. cream cheese 1Cup finely chopped celery
Dash celery seed 1 7oz can crap meat
1 small onion, grated

Warm soup VERY slowly. Dissolve gelatin in water. Add to soup. Add remaining ingredients. Rinse “jello-mold” in cold water before adding soup mixture. Chill over night.

Yeah, It's VERY GOOD DIP, at least according to Yvette, but I don't think I'll be making it the way I typed it up...... =)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

How do you do it?

So, it's hitting me that tomorrow is my last day at LCC. It's breaking my heart! How do teachers that form attachments to their kids let them go at the end of the school year? Silly of me, isn't it? I just keep wishing that things didn't have to go this way. *sigh*
So, I ALMOST jumped across the half-door and beat a person up today. Heres' the situation..... The "girl" that works with our two year olds is only 19, has a BAD attitude and was just told the other evening that she wasn't going to be lead teacher (THANK GOODNESS!!!) She's ALWAYS yelling at the kids, that is when she isnt' ignoring them and texting or talking on her phone.. but I digress. They (the "toddler" class and twos) have combined for nap time. Usually, the two's would go down for naps around 1130 or 12.... Well, now they have to start laying down around 11. grr... So, here are these kids that aren't used to laying down that early being forced to lay down then....

A sweet little boy, Mr.C was laying on his pad, on top of his blanket, on his back. He wasn't talking, or really moving... just rubbing his stuffed animal, and not falling asleep fast enough.. So, the "girl" finally gets off her cell, walks over to Mr.C pulls his blanket out from under him so fast that it lifted him in the air, twirled him, and he landed on his FACE! She then drapes the blanket over him, tells him to "shut up" and walks over to her next victim.( ok, Mr.C didn't get hurt badly, I think it mainly scared him, but NO blood.... ) All the while, doing this while I'm holding a baby in my arms and chatting with the other 2 teachers in that room, who are trying to gently pat 2 other childrens backs so they can fall asleep. They had their backs to her, so they didn't see what happened. I'm soooo mad, I could spit! I'm just holding my tongue with her until tomorrow, so she can't do any damage to my car! Oh AND they make the kids lay down until 2PM!!! THREE hours for a nap???? Are you kidding me????? The culture in that place is, "if it's not your room, don't worry about it." grrrr... Makes me SO mad! I'm so glad that so far, none of my nieces or nephews has to be in daycare.

Needless to say, when my bosslady poked her head in my room this afternoon, I gave her an ear full. I hate to leave them short handed, but gah! I can't stand it any more! I've talked with the bosslady, the former teacher of the twos has talked with the bosslady, and other employee's have spoken with her. NOTHING has happened. SO, I couldn't be anywhere around that dysfunction anymore.

Sorry about the rant, but I HAD to get it off my chest...... Hopefully, there wont be too many more of these in the future....

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's been great!!!

Penny and I have been talking quite a bit lately. We usually just end up shooting the breeze, but that is something I've missed since we lost Dad. Remember those several hours long phone calls with him? Yeah, me too....

Anyway, during our last conversation, I get a beep on my phone and it's one of my kids calling. They NEVER call. So, Penny and I quickly hang up and I answer it... Danielle. Ahhh.. she's so sweet. =) anyway, she wanted to remind me that her birthday was in a little over a month and she knew EXACTLY what she wants. Tickets to Good Charlotte/ Boys Like Girls/ MetroStation. They are actually playing ON her birthday. AND she'd like 2 please. :) So, Jody and I need to get on it and order them already.

Jody has been working hard on his Civic Wagon. He added CRUISE CONTROL today.. It amazes me the things he can do. =) He talked with a guy on Sunday about a sorta/kinda partnership. They've got a few things lined up for camera work. Pretty cool.

Not much else is going on here. Things are pretty slow. I THINK that's a good thing, right?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Fourth!

So, I hope everyone had a GREAT 4th! We had plans that kinda fell through in the end, but that's ok. Jody and I spent the day just going places. We put up blinds and made our room DARK so we slept in until 11ish (yeah, yeah, I know....) Lunch at Olive Garden (Soup, Salad and bread sticks---YUMMMMMM!) and then checking out Manifest records, walking the Mall, going to Sam's for groceries. Had a big storm blow through last night, so we didn't see any fireworks.

Today, we were going to hit the junkyard to look for parts.... OOPS, for some reason, they were closed today. Went to Sesquicentennial Park and went walking the trails (that's a first for us, and hopefully not a last!)then walking some stores to get dog food, and out to lunch. It's been a FUN few days.

Jody picked up an interesting bit of software. It's called iTune Tools. With it, you are able to sync your iPod with any iTunes, with out LOSING your existing stuff.... AWESOME!!! So, I've been ripping my CD's like crazy, and have managed to fill his 4gig iPod nearly full, and I don't even have all my CD's in here.. OH dilemma! :) Just thought I'd pass on that useful tidbit.

Well, I guess it's time to start some laundry... isn't it GREAT being a responsible adult?