Thursday, August 28, 2008

May be my last post....

For a few days at least. Yeah, we got the trailer, and will be moving in over the course of the next few days. In fact, we unloaded our first load already. Jody broke down Kelsea's bed and the futon, the kitchen table and the recliner, loaded the car trailer up and brought it on over to the trailer.... We signed the lease agreement, and were handed the keys. (Key actually, they didn't make copies) We unloaded the trailer.. and already the house is feeling full. We are now sitting back at the duplex, waiting for domino's. We are hungry, but feeling very lazy... Guess what we'll be doing over the next few days.. that's right, MOVING!! Whoot!!

I'm excited, the stress level has really gone down once we decided to make the move. Life is good....

So, shall I tell you about the "baby momma drama" that happened at work (before I got there, even!)? Oh, alright, since you are begging....

I get a text from Jessica, my coworker while I was on my way in. It seems that MissP's mom has been upset because MissS has been "sick" and she thought it sounded like croup. MissP's mom has been reading and has found out that despite what MissS's pediatrician says, that croup is contagious. So, even though MissS doesn't HAVE croup (she had it at one time....and the ped. told mommaS that it was ok to take her to daycare), mommaP confronted mommaS and asked if she was gonna take her sick child to the Dr. A conversation ensued. Another parent from another room walked by and heard it, and ran up to the office to tell the director what was going on. FUN TIMES.. But did the director try and stick around to tell us what we should do about the confrontation? NOOOOOOOOOO... *sigh* But I'm thinking that it should blow over by Tuesday. MissP is going to be gone tomorrow, and we are closed on Monday. =)

Drama drama drama...

Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm so EXCITED!!!

Ok, so I was feeling kinda homesick last night. I called my old friend Traycie.. Haven't talked to her in nearly 10 years.. yeah, that's right TEN YEARS!!!! The girl that was nearly attached to my hip for nearly 6 years of my life. Anywhoo... We lost contact several years ago, and Me being ME, didn't want to "intrude". So I let it lie.

She wasn't home when I called. Her husband answered the phone and we had a nice little chat. He told me he'd have her call me tomorrow (today). I waited on pins and needles for her to call.. it was silly... So, she calls me as I was driving home... at 6pm. After catching up on family news (she's has 9 sibs as well as I do!) we caught up on old news, and then.. well, 3 hours later, we had covered just about everything. Her husband got home from work, and heard her laughing, and told her she sounded like she was back in high school! TEE HEE!

I get to drive to Durham tomorrow and go to a concert with Tansy.... WHOOT! I'm excited. We are going to a concert tomorrow night, and it should be fun. I get to stay at her and David's place.. yes, they have their OWN PLACE! My baby is growing up!

Love you all.. I need to hit the sack!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hump Day

I can't believe it's Wendsday. I can't believe I can't spell Wendsday, and that spell checker can't either! But I digress.

I'm a bit worried about going into work today. I've been having issues with M there, especially since Lil' RS hasn't been back. I'm hoping that Mom just had a few days off and will be back today. Crossing my fingers. There are just so many other issues going on, such as:

She fills MissP's bottles up with water first thing in the morning. MissP's mom brings bottled water (from target, but still).... the bottles start to leak after awhile. Always have. So, it makes a mess on the top shelf, and wastes the water. I've pointed this out to her, but she keeps on doing it. grrr...

She'll "borrow" or "share" the baby food from one baby to another. (HUGE NO NO according to DSS). She'll be making up cereal for one kid, and decide that she should share the wealth. We ended up giving MissP (and SB) fruit that they hadn't been given before, because *I* didn't realize that she was mixing this stuff up like that. The sad thing is, I'm the one that has to explain this to the parents. NOT GOOD.

So, I talked to the bosslady about it yesterday. I've been told that M wont be in the baby room any more. OH yeah... On Friday, when A (the new chick) was supposed to be covering my room M pretty much told her that SHE (M) would take care of the babies. Now A knew she was supposed to be in my room, but when someone with more "seniority" tells you something, you don't "question". I was told by one of the parents that all M did when they picked up their baby was complain that she couldn't wait for me to get back, cause taking care of the babies was "WAY TOO HARD"... HUH????? She chose to be in that room, INSISTED on being in that room. GRRRR.

Ok, so, I need to close this, must get ready for work. *sigh* I'll let y'all know the fallout from all this later on. :) BTW, say some prayers/send positive energy/cross your fingers. Jody and I are trying to get into a place that's MUCH closer to my work (ummm 5 miles MAX vs. 35.5 miles) and MUCH cheaper (around 300 a month less!) so we need all the "help" we can get. I figure we'll be saving roughly 450-500 a month if we get this place (yeah, yeah, it's a trailer, in a park, but man, I'm NOT complaining!)

love you all!

Friday, August 15, 2008

More complaining.... just call me eeyore!

Where to begin?
I took today off. I needed the break, to tell you the truth. Jody's daughter was supposed to come out to visit this weekend, but her plans got changed, and she ended up moving to her apartment today instead. Totally bummed, to tell you the truth. I should have gone in to work, but I really needed to get to the bank and close out Danielle's bank account. The nearest branch? Well, about 60 miles from my house. Hours Open? 9am to 530pm. What hours do I work? 9am to 6pm. Yeah, getting that little bit of work done wasn't gonna happen anytime soon! So, Jody and I decided that since I had already requested the day off, I'd stay "home".

Jody and I took the drive to Charleston today. It was cool. We were able to close out the account, and then we headed for the waterfront. Parked the car, walked a bit, went to Bubba Gumps for lunch (shrimp po'boy... YUMMMM) and then walked around the waterfront for a bit.... It started to rain, gently, and we kept on walking. It was pretty darn cool. He showed me where the Lt. Gov. of SC lives when he's in Charleston. Jody has worked on his alarm and camera systems and stuff. He says he's pretty cool.... (yeah, that was some MAJOR name dropping. *wink*)

We were driving home when I got a text from my friend at work. *sigh* One of the momma's called to complain. We have a new baby lil'RS, he's only 2 months old, and started with us on Tuesday. Lil'RS's momma came to pick him up, only to find his on the floor SCREAMING, bottle by his side. M was at the half door looking into the other room when Mom walked in. M told mom that Lil'RS REFUSED his bottle... then went back to ignoring mom!!!! OMG!!!!! So, needless to say that was some drama. grr.. you don't treat my babies that way!

Ok.. so, not too much complaining, I hope. Be prepared for Sunday, you may get an earful!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Wow, 16 years ago, I was in Klamath Falls, OR. giving birth to my 3rd baby. 16 years ago today, I was lying on the gurney being wheeled from the labor room into the delivery room. 16 years ago today, the midwife thought that the lady that was hitting 10 while I was still at 7 would have her baby first. 16 years ago, today, Danielle made her appearance in the doorway of the delivery room.

I never would have thought that my sweet baby girl would actually grow up into such a beautiful young lady.

Jody and I made a run up to Concord and took my baby girl out for lunch. She showed off her early birthday present from her boyfriend, Nicolas. A lovely promise ring.. yeah I know... I'm not sure I was ready for THAT either. Anyway, it was a lovely day, she is off to see a concert tonight (my present to her) and was very happy to see us. *whew*

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Just catchin' up...

Let's see, Pam asked for a picture of my Rockin' hair... I'm thinking about growing it out, but for now.. here it is.. No muss, no fuss. Lucky me, Jody likes short hair!

Not much going on in our lives right now. Just work, work work. We had a tummy virus going around the daycare last week, and that was rough!!! Usually, if a child is sick, they are sent home. HOWEVER.... J.'s mommy works with me, and since one of the teachers was out on vacation (out of state, unreachable!) mommy had to go to work, so therefore J had to come into daycare.

It was soooooooooo emotionally difficult to try to wipe his bottom after his messy diapers. He would SCREAM in pain, and his little bottom was raw. I came home every night just sooooooooooooooooooo drained. It was rough. I actually wanted to stop working and not come back until the babies were all better.... This week has been better, no sick babies! In fact, for the past 2 days, I've only had 3 babies to tend, and tomorrow, I think MissP will be back... fun fun fun.

I was able to get some touch ups done on 2 of my tattoos. Jamie needed some work on his car done, so he and Jody worked on it today. Yeah, they were working in 100+ weather, under a canopy, with a fan blowing, but it was rough. Jody loaded up a cooler with ice and powerade, and they were good to go. Got home from work, ate dinner and got some ink.

Jody got some more work done on his "family arm" he colored in the stars for his siblings in their favorite colors. I'll post that picture later.

Kyla, Jody's oldest, is going to be visiting in a few weeks. I actually get to have that Friday off. I'm sooooooooooo very excited. We are going to be hitting Charleston, and then perhaps Myrtle Beach. I'll post pics after that.

Ok, not much else going on here. I love you all!