Sunday, December 28, 2008

Allrighty then. =)

Happy Holidays one and all. =) It's been a GREAT week, and I'm bummed it's almost over. I got to see my girl Danielle on Christmas Eve and deliver her gifts to her. That was good. Went to the candlelight service at my "old" church with Tansy that night too. It's been almost a year since I've attended, so it was so nice seeing old friends.
Jody and I had a quiet day on Thursday, we cooked a quarter ham and sweet potato casserole, opened our gifts to one another, and then took the Del Sol out for a spin looking for a good spot or two to take pictures of it. Tansy arrived Thursday night and we tried to hit the hay early because we were driving to Richmond on Friday.
We took 2 cars, because Jody needed to bring an engine back from Richmond. We had the pleasure of meeting some of Jody's relatives on Friday, and eating another delicious meal with his dad, step-mom and sister. Will have to post the recipe for her greenbeans later. YUMMO!
Tansy and I headed to Virginia beach on Saturday morning.
We made it to Pam's house in time for lunch (what timing!) and then half the crew headed out for a movie... I volunteered to stay and watch Emily (Peggy's youngest) and Parker and Preston (Kate's oldest). It was a fun to play with the "littles" and see Emily act like an older sister... She's actually hoping for a baby brother or sister.She told me that she told Peggy that they could always adopt a baby sister for her. =) I love the way 7 year olds think!
We were able to play some games later on Saturday night, much laughter ensued.
Tansy and I had to head out this morning, we met up with Jody in Emporia, VA. Our 6 hour trip turned into about an 8 hour trip with a few backups.

Tonight is my last night with all three of my children being teenagers. I'm not sure how I feel about that. *sigh*Maybe I'll feel up to posting an *EDITED* birth story tomorrow. Tonight, I'm just enjoying the fact that my girl is under my roof. =)


jillybean's world said...
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jillybean's world said...

Happy birthday!!! Sounds like the weekend was fun. Wish we could have been there.