Monday, December 15, 2008

Merry Christmas......

So, we got our first tree. Didn't think that would happen, for some reason. Jody went to Raleigh to a swap meet and made some money, so now we can get gifts for the kids, and we got ourselves a teeny, tiny tree that fits real well into our teeny tiny home. We got it out of the box (yeah, it's a fake one, SAVE THE FOREST!!!), Jody put it together, and we put his smalls stash of ornaments on it. He's managed to save them through his many moves, and most of them have sentimental value to them. Kinda awesome.

I had fun babysitting this weekend. It was much more low key than I thought it would be. Jody was able to help me Friday night, he's the one that rocked Payton to sleep and put her to bed. I don't know, but there is something about a man that is totally capable of nurturing a baby. Payton was looking for him pretty much all night Saturday night, but he didn't make it back into town before her mom and dad made it back home.... Sad. He has promised to come see her at the daycare this week.

Not much else to write about. Just thought I'd share our tree. :)

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Beth said...

You're right, Marie, I too, never thought I would see the day that you had a Christmas Tree. It looks good. And small is nice because there will be less to put away when the holiday is over!!!