Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day 2009 (yes it's taken me nearly a week to write this!)

I figure since it's been a few weeks I should at the very least post an update. We've been on a pretty even keel these days, I'm still working and Jody has been doing camera installs for Charlie. Yeah Charlie! They are mainly doing installs in (on???) shopping centers these days, which is nice, except when there is bad weather. :(

Ahh, Mother's Day. Jody and I received phone calls from Tansy during the week with problems with her car overheating. Jody suggested some things she could try, but they didn't work. So, we got up fairly early and headed to the junk yard on our way up to Durham. You know, Durham, that town where Tansy lives... and is on a good day 4 hours away? Yeah, that Durham. Well, there was no luck with the radiators at the yard, so we went to the parts store and picked up a radiator, and got on the road.

Did I mention that Durham was 4 hours away.. yeah. We finally get up there around 3:00pm. Jody immediately gets to work taking out the old radiator and installing the new one. Doesn't take him long. He starts the car and water starts squirting. NOT GOOD. Looks like a blown head gasket. We decide that *maybe* this product will help get her limping along until we can get the car down to us. Go to parts store, invest $25 in this crazy looking goop, go back to her apartment, dump it in the radiator, and Jody drives off. He didn't get too far when the car starts smoking, he drives it back, and breaks the bad news. Best case scenario, blown head gasket, like we thought. Worst case scenario, blown engine. It's something that will have to be worked on down here, or in a garage somewhere. I told her she needed to talk to Vicky (David's mom, who *owns the car*) and see what she would like to do.

Yes, it's something Jody can do. The timing really stinks though! Jody finally has the work rolling in so "spare time" is at a premium. HOWEVER he says that he doesn't mind working on it (as long as she promises to keep on maintenance from now on!)

We then went down to Concord, hoping that we would be able to see Danielle on the way home (and oh yeah, pick up the cargo trailer!) No such luck. Danielle was hanging out with her boyfriend.

Happy Mother's Day!

Jason (George's son) sent me a text yesterday to wish me a happy mother's day, I got to see Tansy and Danielle called me. Adam? Well, Adam still isn't talking to me. I guess I'm still on his hit list.

OK OK OK!!! So, I started that Sunday night, it is now Wendsday night, and I haven't posted this. I guess I need to wrap it up, huh? One more story then I'll let you go.....

I have a window in my room at work. There is a bird feeder hanging outside said window, and for the longest time the bird feeder hung empty. I did some exploring and found a barrel of birdseed in the pantry. Needless to say, we now get visited by birds and squirrels.

The babies LOVE the squirrels. MissP (remember her?) calls them "kit-eee". The kiddos know when I'm due into work, because they start watching for me, and hanging out by my door so they can RUSH my window and look for the squirrels. So, we've run out of birdfood. What do "Uncle"Jody and I pick up after our dinner tonight? Not only do we get some sunflower seeds for the squirrels, we get ANOTHER feeder for the birds! Sweet, huh? Nothing is too good for the babies. =) Don't even get me started with the bubbles. That's another story for another day....

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