Saturday, May 23, 2009

Woodpeckers, squirrels and DRAMA

So, Jody and I bought a suet feeder for the birds at the daycare. We know how much the babies love to look out the window and see the birds in the morning, and wanted them to see more than the finches that show up. The other day, THIS is what we saw. Pretty cool, huh. I'm guessing she's female, because the crest is missing. She doesn't come by often, but at least I was able to get a semi-decent picture on my phone. After I snapped this picture,I remembered I had my actual camera with me, zoomed it in, to get a real nice shot, and NO LUCK. She wouldn't come back! I was sad. =( So far, I've seen some kind of jay (it has gray coloring, and no blue to be found!) wrens, finches, chickadees, cardinals, woodpeckers, A dove, and some rust colored tiny bird that I can't quite identify yet. We put that feeder up for a variety of birds, and we sure got it! If the babies are fussing, we take them to the widow to see if the birds are out there... that usually quiets them down for a little bit. It's kinda cool.

I was trying to describe the squirrels antics. I could sit and watch these silly things all day long. =) Our babies love to watch them, call them "keey-hee". It's so hard to sound out the noises that the babes make when they are trying to talk. These guys can clean out that bird feeder in a day and a half! YIKES! It's a good thing Jody loves those babies too. He's the one that pays for the bird seed to feed the critters, because he knows how much the babies enjoy them.

So, there was some drama at work yesterday. It shouldn't be too surprising that you get drama when working with just a group a women. I hate it that we have lived up to the stereotype. Here's the deal:

DSS (Department of Social Services) requires that all children go outside for at least a half hour daily. Outside, in the sunshine....not ouside on the covered porch. The one exception is the baby room. (whew, we aren't equipped to do that!) Anyway, down in my building that hasn't been happening with all the children. If you get down to the nitty-gritty, it's because it's starting to get hot and my coworkers don't want to be uncomfortable. AND, I do have to admit, it's kinda a pain to get the kids out there. HOWEVER. As the building director, we've had a few parents ask if their children were going to be taken outside to get their daily dose of vitamin D or not. I assured them that I would talk to the teachers/the director and see what could be done about it....

I mentioned it to the teacher that was having the problem getting the kids outside. I got the whole "I'll do it when it's convienent, not too hot, blah blah blah" line, so took it up with the director. (I mentioned it casually to the coworker, without saying a parent was having a concern, because she would know which parent was asking and make a HUGE deal out of it!) H assured me that she would send out a memo, not pointing fingers, but reminding teachers that kids need to be out side for at least 30 mins a day. The teachers read the memo and automatically assumed that it was for our afterschool teacher, because she too was having problems getting the kids outside! After hearing them bash her, I told them that from my understanding it was a program, wide problem, and that the ALL the kids needed to be taken outside.

That started the whine fest, and all the reasons they couldn't take the kids out... I told them to make a list of what they felt needed to be done in order for them to be comfortable taking the kids out side, and I would pass it on to H.

Here is a sampling of THE LIST:

*cut grass
*sand flees
*sticks pick-up
*trees need to be cut back (by trees, they actually meant bushes, and I was supposed to read their minds!)

(yes, i tried to remember THEIR spelling!) On top of it, I was asked why H didn't know this stuff already because the former owner, Lara walked the playground everyday and took care of stuff, blah blah blah (every time someone has a complaint, it always goes back to what the former owner did/didn't do). They KNEW this list was going to H.

So, I called H and gave her the lowdown on THE LIST. Ok, this was something that I asked for so I could give her the lowdown. Needless to say, she was kind of upset about the whole thing. And I did ask her why she didn't walk the playground everyday, like the previous owner (told her that was a question asked!)

So, all HECK breaks loose. H calls her aunt, the new owner of the facilty. They have had it. Usually A is very much "keep the peace, I'm sure they didn't mean it the way it sounded" type of person. Well, she shoots off a memo to them, addressing ALL their concerns about the playground, why she and H don't walk the playground, etc.

The girls (I say this lightly, one is 25, another is my age, and the oldest is in her 50's) in question get their memo yesterday morning.... OH MY GOODNESS! You would have thought that they had been accused of abusing the children or committing treason. They start yelling at me because I told H what they felt needed to be done. The "matriarch" of the group started talking to me while I was in my room and she was in another, about how some things needed to stay in the building, and not be talked about with H. WHAT? THEY WROTE THE LIST! THEY ASKED THE QUESTIONS!!!! Holy Cow! Well, I was ready to walk out, but I didn't.. I called H and told her what was going on, FORCED Jody to take me to lunch, and tried to have a decent day. I'm just hoping that things will blow over by Tuesday.

Anyway.. I'm just glad we get a 3 day weekend. *whoot* Jody and I are taking Kelsea to a party/bbq/family reunion with Jody's adopted family today. Should be a good time! I'll post pictures and tell stories later. I'm hoping to take a drive up to Concord and see Danielle. I wont even anticipate seeing Adam, he is still avoiding me like the plague. I know, I know... he's young.. he'll grow up. I keep holding onto that hope.

Anyway... Not much of an update.. more of a gripe session, huh? sorry!

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