Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The drama is done... I hope!

So, I've alluded to things for a while now, but am finally getting things off my chest. Things have been pretty crazy at work, and in fact I threatened to quit, with every intention of doing so 2 weeks ago tomorrow.

Let me back up. My boss and her aunt bought the daycare about 18 months ago. MANY employees left within a short time frame, but there were a few that stayed around. There were 3 remaining employees that ended up staying with one of them that seemed to have a knack for stirring up trouble but looking innocent in the process.

H (the boss) moved D (the trouble maker) down to our building in December. Wow, most of the issues they had in the "main building" with insubordination and such disappeared at that point. Imagine that. Anyway, about the time D came to our building, the bad talking about H's management, the discontent started brewing. But it was hard at the time to put your finger on the issue.

Things have been boiling to a head, especially after we got rid of our floater. Firing her meant that we had to band together to clean our building ourselves. We have one employee that decided "on her own" that she should do ALL the cleaning. And that included cleaning part of D's room, too. Oh and who was supposed to watch the cleaning employee's class while she was out cleaning for 4-6 hours? oh.. that would be ME.

NOT happy about that... but mainly mad because A (the cleaning employee) fell for the manipulations of D. Also, since D has been down in our building, the other employees don't go and talk to H as often, or at all for that matter unless it's to complain about something.

So, it's all coming to a head, I was getting snide comments about stuff, and I was getting sick.of.it. By Wednesday, Jody was so sick of it, he told me I needed to quit. I dreaded getting up in the mornings, all I did was complain about my coworkers, and on weekends, I couldn't relax wondering what was going to happen on Monday. In short, I wasn't getting paid enough to be that stressed!

So, Wednesday rolls around and I have had it. I tell H I'm done. I can't do it anymore. H tells me that she would rather fire the 2 instigators than to lose me. BEGS me to stick around until our employee meeting the NEXT Thursday. A week and a day from then. *sigh* I tell her I will.

Coming into work every day was torture. Even knowing that H and A (the owner) were supposed to lay it on the line that Thursday, the verbal crap I put up with was just incredible. But I hang in there. I hold out hope.

So, Thursday night finally rolls around. The meeting is with just the "ladies" in my building. They kinda figured something was up when they walked in and it was just "us". A lays it out, saying that if they had a problem, they needed to tell it like it is. D jumps in and starts talking about how "Gwen breaks the rules...." so we asked her WHAT rules I broke... this is what she came up with:

1) about a month ago, D left for lunch with out making sure that her class was covered. (she says that someone was watching her class from across the hall over some half doors and a gate... and she says that makes it "ok".. NOT according to DSS or our "rules") So, I told H that I *thought* that this had happened, and she may want to check with the 2 other employees that were in there too.... It turns out that she did indeed leave the class unattended and so she got written up. D thought that she shouldn't have been given a written warning. (ok, so how did _I_ break the rules here?)

2) On the 4th of July, D and I were the last 2 people in our building (as usual, both of us are supposed to close at 6) when I was informed that I would have to go down to the main office at 5 because they needed me to cover down there. About 4:45, D informed me that she needed to leave early because she needed to get across town by 6. I told her I would send a message to H and see if she could help out. While waiting for an answer, I walked down to the other building and talked to AC. There was one child left there, and I got a message from H that she couldn't come back, and D would have to stick around until I could get back down there.

D wont answer the phones to save a life, so since AC had to take trash out, I asked her if she could PLEASE tell D that I was sorry, but H couldn't make it back, so she is gonna have to wait until all the kids clear out of the office building and I could go down there.

D takes this as I was implying that she would leave the children unattended.... so therefor I was breaking the rules.. again??? I don't think she's very rational.

After this A jumps in and starts in on me. *sigh* I was a literal punching bag. But, afterwards, the bosses pull me aside and tell me they are going to give me a raise if I would PLEASE STAY. If I feel like I have to quit, all I have to do is tell them, and they would get rid of the person that was causing the issue. I decide to give them the benefit of the doubt. Why? I dunno.. I love the babies in my room? That has to be it. Really.

So, Friday rolls around, and the atmosphere was horrible, but I still had hope that it would be ok. I avoid talking to D most of the day, trying to give her her space. 6pm rolls around, and she still has a child in her class. I am in charge of closing up the two buildings, and cannot leave until EVERYONE is gone. I have no choice in whether or not I go. I MUST STAY. D had the choice to leave. The parents are supposed to pay the employee that stays with their child after 6 (when we close!) $1 a minute. This parent is habitually late. I tell D she is more than welcome to go home. She states that she needs to talk with Mom. Ok..... No big deal. 6:10 rolls around, still no Mom. I call her, and she tells me that she was having car issues, but would be there in 5 minutes.

I relay this to D, and she still insists on hanging out waiting for mom. I will not invade her room and take over the care of the child, she has made it obvious that I was not welcome in her room. Ok.. that's fine. Mom finally shows up at... 6:40pm. yup. FORTY minutes late. She has wallett in hand and looks at D and I to see who she should pay. D immediatly jumps in saying that she was the one taking care of the child. I don't dispute that, but do mention that she chose to stay, I HAD to stay until every one left. I offered to split the money. Mom hands me $20, and I take it, saying thank you. She offers the other $20 to D, and D declines the money, saying.. get this... I chose to be here. then looks over at me and smirks. GRRRR.

I get everyone herded out, lock up and finally go to clock out. I'm waiting and waiting for D to come clock out... (ok, so it was only a few minutes!) when D walks down to the office and asks what I was waiting for as she tapes a note to her timesheet. Then informs me that she had already clocked out.... GRRRR. She couldn't have told me that she clocked out before I left the baby building? She knows I wait for everyone to clock out before I clock out. *sigh*

That was pretty much my final straw. She 1) tried to make me look bad in front of a family and 2) messed with my money.

Monday morning, I walked into the office asked H if we could talk.. and told her I CANNOT and WILLNOT work with D any more. I told her Friday was the final straw. I was done. I was calm, cool, non-emotional. She knew I was serious. H asked if I could hold out until she talked to A to see what she wanted to do. I didn't want to, but ended up having to work the WHOLE day with D. GAAAAA.

Long story longer... well, They fired D last night. After she went off on them for over an hour and a half, she handed them her resignation letter... HUH???? they fire her, she hands them her letter, screwing herself out of the right to sue for unemployment. BRILLIANT!

It's been slightly icy in the building, but my two coworkers have been nicer all things concidered. *whew*

So, that's been my drama. I think, I HOPE, things will be better now.

Next week, I'll let y'all know how my weekend at Myrtle Beach with Jody, Danielle & Jeremey goes. =) I get to see my girl!!!

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