Monday, November 10, 2008

About the cake...

We finally broke into the cake last night about 9pm.... I was worried about it turning out because I had mixed the sugar/cocoa with the hot water.....

It was FINE! It didn't make enough of the pudding mixture (It never does ) So maybe I should try to double that part of the recipe. =) Next time I make that I'm going to try that.

Tansy called me on Thursday wanting to know what "our" plans were for our birthday. She's got from Dec. 23 to Jan 31 off, and wanted to be out here for the birthday at least.... I'll have to keep reminding my boss that I NEED that day off, but we get to spend it together.... We've only spent one birthday apart, when she was visiting James and Nicole in Washington.... That did not go well. She pretty much cried the whole day. Granted she was only about 10, but she still wants to spend time with her mom. =)

Friday, my phone starts ringing while I'm at work. I'm not really supposed to be on my cell at work, but I keep it on me just in case my kids need to call me. I look down, and see an "overseas" number. That puts me into panic mode right away.... Then, it's a voice I don't really recognize.... But she says it's Karalyn. Now, I know that she and Mike have been hunting in Idaho, and that they are still there. So, I ask her how she's doing.... (trying hard NOT to hyperventilate!) and she says "Not too good"..... FULL BLOWN PANIC MODE kicks in.....

She starts telling me about her house here in West Columbia. They had a contract with a property management team, they collected the rent/mortgage and put it into their account, but took care of making sure that it was rented out, was in good repair, etc. ANYWAY, they got an email the night before telling them that the business was shutting down and could no longer take care of the property. Come to find out, they hadn't even gotten October's rent, let alone November's rent.

Could I help?

So, I spent my lunch hour trying to reach the owner of said failed business (who's website is still up and running, btw) and the tenant. NO LUCK.... Called 411 to get phone numbers, and called those.... and then Thursday night after having dinner with a group of friends, we drove by the house... We saw a "For Sale by Owner" sign in the front yard. THAT had a different number on it than I had for the tenant and the business owner. The plot appeared to thicken. Called THAT number and left a message.

Go home and keep trying to call the number for the tenant... Finally reach her, and she had NO IDEA what was going on. I told her to go check her email and/or regular mail and call me back. She checks her email, and the owner wrote HER on Wendsday... NICE business practices, huh?

I'm trying to get a rental contract made up, but she told me that she was making a payment of "X" dollars, which just so happens to be the amount that Mike and Karalyn had been being paid for the mortgage payment.... So this guy wasn't charging MORE for his time??? I don't think so. So, I now need to get a copy of rental agreement etc. Hopefully, SHE has it, cause I'm not having any luck getting hold of the business owner. GRRRR.... I guess I need to send a certified letter to him too, but I'm not sure what to say. But that needs to be soon. Any suggestions on wording? Right now, I'm just voicemail bombing his inbox.
Mike and Karalyn need October's mortgage payment (Tenant says she has paid October) and November's too (she says she hasn't paid that, I'm supposed to get paid for that today.)

Ok, I need to scarf my oatmeal, it's getting late. *sigh*

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