Saturday, November 1, 2008

The small things....

that get you down.. Yup, don't read this if you might get as upset as me. *sigh*

So, today started out good. Jody had an appointment to do a camera/alarm install this morning. I decided to be lazy and work on my new niece's afghan. I realized that I needed more yarn, and so I headed out to Hobby Lobby. No luck. *sigh* Couldn't find the right stuff... So, I headed out to Michaels.. the nearest one is another 20 miles from my place... But what else do I have to do but drive? :)

I find my yarn and get home. I start in on the afghan again... get a few rows done. OH yeah, I really need to get some laundry done... Put a load in the wash and we're good.... Well, we're good until all of a sudden we hear a *POOF* and there is NO POWER!!! We try to trip breakers, no luck. We call our landlord, no answer. We leave a message and head out for the store. We've been planning a trip to the drag races tomorrow, another local car club has put together a car and Jody's club wants to go show some love...... to save money, we are bringing our food to grill, all that good stuff. :)

We get home, still no answer from the landlord. It's now 4:30 and we need to do something. Jody pulls one of the main breakers out, and we head to Lowes. Get a new breaker, and he fixes the problem.

Finally hear from the landlord, but inform her that we've taken care of the problem. Fix some dinner and crochet some more. Oh yeah, I need to put my clothes in the dryer. So, I load up the dryer, and try to push start. NO LUCK. It is dark now, yes this is important, and Jody starts fiddling with the breakers in the box. The house plunges into utter darkness, and all of a sudden sparks come flying out of the dryer... OOPS!!!!!

So, I think we need a new dryer. Lucky us.

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Kate said...

umm....kinda scary! i thought it was bad when our microwave was shooting out sparks!

on the other hand, i am excited about the afghan! :) when i was reading your post, my first thought was, "you are going to have a new neice? who is she?" and then i remembered....that's my baby girl! i'm such a dork!
oh, and we might move the blessing to the sunday after christmas. ben's sister emily will be in town, and we might do it while she is here. i'll let you know. :)