Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Fourth!

So, I hope everyone had a GREAT 4th! We had plans that kinda fell through in the end, but that's ok. Jody and I spent the day just going places. We put up blinds and made our room DARK so we slept in until 11ish (yeah, yeah, I know....) Lunch at Olive Garden (Soup, Salad and bread sticks---YUMMMMMM!) and then checking out Manifest records, walking the Mall, going to Sam's for groceries. Had a big storm blow through last night, so we didn't see any fireworks.

Today, we were going to hit the junkyard to look for parts.... OOPS, for some reason, they were closed today. Went to Sesquicentennial Park and went walking the trails (that's a first for us, and hopefully not a last!)then walking some stores to get dog food, and out to lunch. It's been a FUN few days.

Jody picked up an interesting bit of software. It's called iTune Tools. With it, you are able to sync your iPod with any iTunes, with out LOSING your existing stuff.... AWESOME!!! So, I've been ripping my CD's like crazy, and have managed to fill his 4gig iPod nearly full, and I don't even have all my CD's in here.. OH dilemma! :) Just thought I'd pass on that useful tidbit.

Well, I guess it's time to start some laundry... isn't it GREAT being a responsible adult?

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Matt and Pam Emerson said...

Marie, your blog is beautiful! I had a great 4th as well, but Matt had duty, so that kinda sucked. We went to the beach (Kate, Ben, boys, girls) and then had a hamburger, hotdog dinner. Kate and the girls and I watched the fireworks at Mount Trashmore, and it was awesome! We made it home right before the rain started, and I mean SECONDS before the rain started. Perfect timing!