Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm so EXCITED!!!

Ok, so I was feeling kinda homesick last night. I called my old friend Traycie.. Haven't talked to her in nearly 10 years.. yeah, that's right TEN YEARS!!!! The girl that was nearly attached to my hip for nearly 6 years of my life. Anywhoo... We lost contact several years ago, and Me being ME, didn't want to "intrude". So I let it lie.

She wasn't home when I called. Her husband answered the phone and we had a nice little chat. He told me he'd have her call me tomorrow (today). I waited on pins and needles for her to call.. it was silly... So, she calls me as I was driving home... at 6pm. After catching up on family news (she's has 9 sibs as well as I do!) we caught up on old news, and then.. well, 3 hours later, we had covered just about everything. Her husband got home from work, and heard her laughing, and told her she sounded like she was back in high school! TEE HEE!

I get to drive to Durham tomorrow and go to a concert with Tansy.... WHOOT! I'm excited. We are going to a concert tomorrow night, and it should be fun. I get to stay at her and David's place.. yes, they have their OWN PLACE! My baby is growing up!

Love you all.. I need to hit the sack!

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Beth said...

Ok, Marie, that is totally how I felt when I went to Rigby's reunion and talked, like, forever to Jeanne Meacham. In fact, I didn't get home until one because we talked for so long and it felt just like high school. Like no time has passed. But have I contacted her since? umm, no, and I feel terrible about it. Maybe it's a genetic thing.