Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hump Day

I can't believe it's Wendsday. I can't believe I can't spell Wendsday, and that spell checker can't either! But I digress.

I'm a bit worried about going into work today. I've been having issues with M there, especially since Lil' RS hasn't been back. I'm hoping that Mom just had a few days off and will be back today. Crossing my fingers. There are just so many other issues going on, such as:

She fills MissP's bottles up with water first thing in the morning. MissP's mom brings bottled water (from target, but still).... the bottles start to leak after awhile. Always have. So, it makes a mess on the top shelf, and wastes the water. I've pointed this out to her, but she keeps on doing it. grrr...

She'll "borrow" or "share" the baby food from one baby to another. (HUGE NO NO according to DSS). She'll be making up cereal for one kid, and decide that she should share the wealth. We ended up giving MissP (and SB) fruit that they hadn't been given before, because *I* didn't realize that she was mixing this stuff up like that. The sad thing is, I'm the one that has to explain this to the parents. NOT GOOD.

So, I talked to the bosslady about it yesterday. I've been told that M wont be in the baby room any more. OH yeah... On Friday, when A (the new chick) was supposed to be covering my room M pretty much told her that SHE (M) would take care of the babies. Now A knew she was supposed to be in my room, but when someone with more "seniority" tells you something, you don't "question". I was told by one of the parents that all M did when they picked up their baby was complain that she couldn't wait for me to get back, cause taking care of the babies was "WAY TOO HARD"... HUH????? She chose to be in that room, INSISTED on being in that room. GRRRR.

Ok, so, I need to close this, must get ready for work. *sigh* I'll let y'all know the fallout from all this later on. :) BTW, say some prayers/send positive energy/cross your fingers. Jody and I are trying to get into a place that's MUCH closer to my work (ummm 5 miles MAX vs. 35.5 miles) and MUCH cheaper (around 300 a month less!) so we need all the "help" we can get. I figure we'll be saving roughly 450-500 a month if we get this place (yeah, yeah, it's a trailer, in a park, but man, I'm NOT complaining!)

love you all!

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