Sunday, August 10, 2008


Wow, 16 years ago, I was in Klamath Falls, OR. giving birth to my 3rd baby. 16 years ago today, I was lying on the gurney being wheeled from the labor room into the delivery room. 16 years ago today, the midwife thought that the lady that was hitting 10 while I was still at 7 would have her baby first. 16 years ago, today, Danielle made her appearance in the doorway of the delivery room.

I never would have thought that my sweet baby girl would actually grow up into such a beautiful young lady.

Jody and I made a run up to Concord and took my baby girl out for lunch. She showed off her early birthday present from her boyfriend, Nicolas. A lovely promise ring.. yeah I know... I'm not sure I was ready for THAT either. Anyway, it was a lovely day, she is off to see a concert tonight (my present to her) and was very happy to see us. *whew*

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Matt and Pam Emerson said...

Wow, Danielle is really cute! I can't believe she's 16! That's crazy! I'm glad you guys had such a "lovely" day. :) (Seems like you used that word a lot to describe it) Tell her happy b-day for me too! I'll be TWENTY SEVEN tomorrow, if you can believe that! ;)