Saturday, September 13, 2008

Feeling torn

I so don't know what to do.. I was just cruising my myspace page... I'm freinds with some children, one of which was Jody's old roommates step daughter.(How's that for convoluted?)

"K" is MAYBE 13.... I think she's actually younger, but not 100% sure... ANYWAY. I notice that she has some new pictures up. I decide to go look at them. She appears to be in a very provocative pose, wearing a sports bra, and what looks like boy cut panties. The shot is from above, as if she held the camera up herself.

Who do I tell? It has come to our attention that her mother isn't the most stable person. She and new hubby (old roommate) are expecting a baby anytime now. Back on the 4th of July, they take off and leave "K" playing at the neighbors (who happens to be Jody's best friend) For what ever reason, mom and stepdad come home drunk... (yes, mom being about 6.5 months preggers) and start accusing "K" of being a slut, etc. "K" tries to disagree, and mom decides that now is the time to slap "K" so hard that she slams into the wall.... "K" goes back to neighbors house, neighbor calls police, and police calls DSS. "K" is taken over to her grand parent's house until thing simmers down. Not 100% sure if "K" is living back with Mom and stepdad or just on visitation... Yes, "K"'s profile on Myspace is private, but why would she be posting those pictures... Is this now OK? Who do I tell if it's NOT ok??? I so don't want her to be hurt (and I'm pretty positive she will be) if her Mom decides to take care of the issue.

Is this something that is none of my business? It takes a village, right? I'm not that close to the child anymore, maybe I'm just being nosy.

I'm confused!!!!!

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Matt and Pam Emerson said...

Ok, here's my advice. I've been thinking about it for a while. Why not confront "K" about it. Send her a myspace email. Ask her if there's anything she wants to talk about. Let her know that you are one grownup that she can trust and that doesn't want her to get hurt. If that doesn't go anywhere, I think it might just be your responsibility. You "own" that picture that you saw. As am educator, that is what they tell us. If a kid writes a story that sounds kind of serious, or draws a picture that looks like it might be something, it is our responsibility to tell someone. The counselor or something. Myspace is where people can be themselves, and maybe this is her way of reaching out. *Shrug* I don't know. I don't think that your "relationship" with her would be damaged if you told someone about it, since she's the stepdaughter of a friend of a friend, does that make sense? But we are all responsible for the things we see. If you hadn't seen it, you wouldn't have the responsibility for it, but now you are involved. If she didn't want you to see the pictures, she shouldn't have added you as a friend, right?

Ok, enough of that. Good luck, but I'm most concerned about the girl. Her safety is the highest priority.