Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Home Sweet... Home. ;)

So, we moved over the weekend. Well, Saturday and Sunday. We decided to celebrate Labor Day by NOT laboring. We still have stuff in the old place, but a few more runs and we should have it all done. Have to do some serious downsizing, though. *sigh* WHAT do you get rid of when everything is of "vital importance"? It's rough. Thankfully, I have a daughter that is just starting out and needs stuff. :) Now, if we can just get her to come visit and help me get rid of it.

So, we haven't had TV or the internet until today. SO, I had no idea that a hurricane hit the coast. We are gearing up for Hanna here, they think she'll be hitting our coast this weekend. Should be fun, riding out the storm in our "tin can condo". Actually, I can't wait to hear the rain falling on our metal roof. I know we are far enough inland that we'll just get rain and winds, so it should be all good.

Danielle called on Sunday. She and Nick wanna come down for Thanksgiving. Yeah, it's a few months off, but I'm starting to get excited.. whoot! Anyone else wanna come on out? The door is open. :)

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