Sunday, September 28, 2008

An update may be in order.....

So, Last I posted was about "K". As I was trying to figure out what to do, Pam posted some great advice. Unfortunately, I was unable to follow it.. I was going to email her and just see how she was doing. I log onto myspace and her page is either 1. gone or 2. she's removed me from her friends list. So, the next time I see her, I'll see if we can't talk about things.

Not sure about anyone else around the country but we have some SERIOUS gas shortages out our way. It really hadn't affected us much, we don't go very far or use too much gas these days. I've been running on the same tank for the past two weeks, and thinking that I should maybe fill up before I run out of money. ANYWAY, there was a Honda Civic Wagon car meet in Atlanta yesterday. Jody's been on that group for a few months and really wanted to go and meet his "friends". We filled up the wagon yesterday morning, and were pretty sure that we would be fine.

Went to the meet, it was held at a lake west of Atlanta. The people were very cool, and they broke the old record for amount of cars/people at a meet (There were 8 wagons and 12 people.) A wagon came out from Florida, and they drove the furthest. Another guy came from Nashville, TN. It was great fun. Around 6ish, Jody decided that we needed to start heading home. We had a nice 3-4 hour drive ahead of us....

We load up, and head out. There were 2 small gas stations that we passed on the way in, and one of them had lines waiting for gas on both sides of the road. Didn't think anything of it. We had a quarter tank left, that would get us out of ATL. and we would get gas on the East side. Oh yeah, we had our friend Adam's tool box in the car and we were going to get it to him. He lives in Marietta, not *quite* on the way home. So, we get on the interstate, heading towards Adam's, when the needle keeps dropping further and further. Jody starts panicking, and stressing. We get off at various exits, looking for gas stations. NO NUMBERS are up. We stop at one, there are huge lines. We figure that there is gas there. WE get in line, a short one... There are only 2 cars ahead of us in line. Why is that car not moving? TEN MINUTES later the cars in front of us leave, but the car at the pump stays.... We pull closer, and that's when we notice the yellow bags over the pump handle.... GRRRRR.

Jody decides we are going to try our luck else where... Get back on the interstate and try a few more exits. NO GAS!!! Most of the stations are deserted, with no prices even listed, bags over the handles. We are getting scared now. Adam is sending us texts trying to help, but we have driven past all the exits he's suggested. We finally pull off an exit, and see a LONG line at the QT. We drive past, see numbers, and head up the hill to get in line.I wonder if Peggy and Mom remember the night before Tansy was born and we needed to stop and eat somewhere on the way home from the hospital. Yeah, we were in *that* kind of neighborhood. We knew tempers were short, everyone wants/needs gas. We are so concerened about running out of gas, Jody cuts off the car and uses the emergency and driving brakes to cut the cost when we move.. We creep along, car length by car length,watching the cops try to direct traffic (doing a fine job until the batteries ran out in their flashlights!) and about an hour later, we arrive at the pump... *WHEW* We were expecting a note limiting the amount of gas you could purchase, but no.. We filled up and were good to go.

Adam said he'd meet us where ever to get his tool box... So he hopped in his car and headed to us. It was GREAT seeing him. He hung around while we grabbed some KFC and we talked for a while. As we were saying our goodbyes outside (and across the street from the QT) we saw the tanker truck arrive.... the ironic thing? Saw 2 cars run out of gas in line right in front of the station. Man, I was feeling for them!

We got back on the road about 930ish. I'm not sure how we got home by 12:30, but we did... We stumbled into the house, Kelsea fell asleep on the couch and we've been sawing logs until I woke up about an hour ago. It's nearly 9am and I'm feeling like the day is a wasting.

I'll post some pics of the meet, all those "space mobiles" in one place.. it was kinda cool, soon. Jody needs to put them on his computer first. :) NEXT meet, my own space mobile should be there! Jody is working out a deal with a guy at the junk yard that has a 4Wheel drive one that needs a little work. THAT should be fun. :)


Kate said...

hey, i tagged you. check out my blog! :)

also, i was wondering if you wanted to make my little baby girl's blessing blanket! i loved preston's, and it would be cool if you did one for the baby! oh...and i'm giving you a LITTLE bit more time, this time! ;) let me know.

Kate said...

actually.....i think we will be blessing the baby in january. i don't think i'll be back at church yet for the first week of december. and, donna's sister is making the blessing gown, and i think we told her january. btw, she is using my wedding dress! :) i'm excited to see how it turns out!