Saturday, October 25, 2008


So, it's been a LONG week at the lil ol' daycare. We had a new person start on Monday, and that was cool. Downside? She's never worked in daycare before, is young, and isn't very authorative. *sigh* She has a 2 year old, and unfortunantly, can't "control" her to begin with. She's been stuck in the 2 year old room, so needless to say, I think she feels a wee bit overwhelmed. *sigh*

I walk into work on Thursday and was told some horrible news. MissJ works with me and happens to be lil'J's mom. She's young, and was in a very bad relationship with the babydaddy since she was 16. They have 2 kids together, lilJ has a big sister that is 6. Anyway, for whatever reason, (we never got the full story!) babydaddy has been in jail for the past 3 months. All sorts of things have come out of this separation, but number one on the list is that babydaddy abused MissJ. She was FREE of this man, working on moving on, meeting new people (yes, kinda soon, but working on it). Babydaddy gets out of jail and MissJ keeps telling us that she doesn't want him back. He did her wrong... He would take her paycheck and instead of paying bills (like he told her he was doing!!) he'd spend it on something else. He left her with well over $600 worth of electric bills to pay when he went to jail. She swore she was DONE.

He get's out, and puts on the charm... She is resisting it, but then the man that she was "seeing" had some kind of melt down. Of course babydaddy is being super supportive, blah blah blah. So Wendsday night babydaddy finds out that MissJ was seeing someone earlier on in his incarceration and FLIPS! He starts banging on her door at 12am and forces his way into her home. He beats her for well over an hour and a half, while her kids are watching. She winds up in the hospital, he runs from the police. We find out that her daughter watched the whole thing, and that lilJ (he's 11 months old) got hit a few times during the beating.

We've heard that he fractured her jaw in a few places, her eye is still bleeding and if the swelling in her eye/face doesn't go down by tomorrow, she has to get it drained. So, not only is she facing MAJOR hospital bills, until the bruises fade, she can't come into work. It seems harsh, but how do you explain them to the kids/parents?

Child protective services stepped in and placed a restraining order on babydaddy. But that's only for the kids. We weren't too afraid that babydaddy would get out of jail once they caught him. BUT the last I heard from MissJ is that they were releasing babydaddy, perhaps he made bail?

I understand battered woman syndrome. I know how hard it is to get out of a bad situation.... but heres the deal.... she was OUT. she was FREE. I want to be supportive of her, but how do you do that without enabling her to continue in a very very VERY bad relationship? I'm afraid that she'll keep going back.

Not much else going on..... I needed to vent. *sigh*

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