Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday drive

Not much going on here. Jody and I drove up to Asheboro, NC yesterday. He wants to do a 5speed conversion on his car, and there was a boy with the motor he needed that was willing to swap for a turbo kit. We were going to just meet in Charlotte, which is about the halfway point. The young man called at some point Saturday, after he realized he doesn't have a truck and had no way to transport said motor.

I called Danielle to see if she wanted to take a trip with us, but she was at the RenFest with Adam, George and her ex boyfriend, Brandon.

Needless to say, we were pretty sad about that. Asheboro is about 4 hours from our house, but it was a GLORIOUS day, and I was so happy that we had a chance to just go. The young man offered to pay for our gas, to make up for having to go the whole way. It seems like he had a pretty amazing living situation. It looked like there were probably 4 generations of family living in the house, with an apartment over the 2nd detached garage. I think he had his wife/girlfriend (not sure if they were married or not!) with their little girl, his parents, and at least ONE grandparent living there. How amazing would that be, to have everyone live together? Of course, the house looked HUGE, and there was what looked like a nice sized apartment also.

We stuck the motor in the back of the wagon, hung out and talked for a few minutes, and headed back. I got a phone call from Kelly saying she had seen my beautiful daughter at the fest. Since we were going to be driving pretty much right past the old neighborhood, I called Danielle to see if she'd be around. Hey, it was ONLY 830ish. =) We were in luck.. she was home and "willing" to see us. :) YEAH!

We had a nice visit. I love my girl. Miss her terribly. We kept telling her that the door is open, and that we would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have her back. Hopefully, one day.. she will.

Ok, so that was boring. :) thanks for reading.

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