Monday, October 6, 2008

He's so cool.

Ok. So Jody has this "thing" about unpainted toes. Not that he's ever complained about MINE, but we'll be out in public and he'll see some poor unwitting soul wearing sandals and unpainted nails... ahhh the comments. He's been telling me that he'd be HAPPY to paint my nails for me, but for some reason, that never seems to happen.. until today.

I had a BAD DAY. It started out with holding BabyS on my hip as I was getting stuff out of the dryer.... BANG!!! she hits her head on the dryer. She ended up with a NICE goose egg right smack dab in the middle of her forehead. Made me feel so very bad. I was crying as I called her mom and told her. Mom seemed cool about it, but man, I keep trying to rethink what happened, and all I can think is that it wasn't that important to try and get her blanket out of the dryer so she could take her nap. My stomach still turns when I know that she was in my arms when she got hurt.

A new baby started today. :) He's a sweetheart. 4 months old, 18 pounds already. OH MY GOODNESS, he's a chunk. Had another parent inquire about a place in the infant room. That would be a total of 5 in my room, with 2 in the "waddler" room. Crazy, huh?

So, MissR has been trying to bite all her "friends", and trying to deal with that, well, let me just say, my brain was feeling rather numb. I sent Jody a text, telling him I wanted a back rub when I got home.. he offered to do this instead....

Cool, huh? He chose the color and everything... It felt nice to be pampered. :) But I'm hoping for the backrub... I'm sooo hard to please. :) ha ha!


Matt and Pam Emerson said...

Ok, I have to admit. I like your toes :)

It's my life.... said...

yeah, I love them too! It's about my only concession to girly-ness any more. No make-up, the fingernails are gone... and scrubs everyday. Oh wait, that and I still shave. :)