Sunday, October 26, 2008

The leaves

We decided to go see the mountains today. We took the top off the car and headed out towards Clemson/Walhalla. Jody and I went exploring a really cool unfinished railroad tunnel that was started pre-Civil War but was never completed. (DUH!) We then took a look at the falls at the park, BEAUTIFUL! Thought about hiking all the way down to the bottom of the falls, but SOMEONE says I'm not real graceful and he's not strong enough to lug me back to the top... hummm.... We'll see about that. :) I actually think my knees are thanking me for NOT going down there. We were just about a week too early for full colors. :( but it was a beautiful day and we got our fill of vitamin D and fresh air. I actually got a sunburn on my face. WOW!


jillybean's world said...

very pretty. it is full on fall here, too. i love fall.

Matt and Pam Emerson said...

Awesome! You need to get out as much as possible. It is starting to get cold here. I was FREEZING today!