Saturday, February 28, 2009

So, I have a dilemma. I have to get a car, and actually have found out that I have a choice of 2 cars, both of which only cost $500. Yes, both are fixer uppers, but Jody is perfectly capable of working on both.

So, Jody was working in the junk yard and came across this little beauty. It's a 1997, and only ONLY has 87,000 miles on it. Again, it would only cost $500. Kelly Blue book is about $2000, it looks like it needs some new wheels (which he is taking care of) and a fuel pump (again, he's taking care of it!). Not my first choice in a car, but it is kinda cute, right? AND it would actually be the better/saner car to get because of the mileage on the motor and such.

We would have room to tote stuff around in, and could tow stuff too. It's not quite what I saw myself driving around in, but hey, it's a car right, and it would be fun to go offroading in at some point.

The other one is just like Jody's old "wagon". Small, cute, HONDA. Needs a new motor, which Jody would put in for me. The wagon is a early 1990 model,with over 120,00+ on it though... however, Honda motors can last for 300,000 miles or more. I kinda fell in love with the idea of having this little car for my own.

Cute huh? I think so. We hadn't had a chance to go talk to the gentleman about the car yet, he was out of town last weekend, and we weren't able to pick it up..... So, my problem is, I don't know which car I *really* want......BUT I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be getting the Jeep.

Not much going on here. The weather is CRAZY! I just got a text on my cell phone saying that we have a winter weather advisory in effect for over the next 24 hours. It's over 60 degrees outside right now!!! GAAAA. But we are possibly going to have snow tomorrow. Humm... it's a good thing I did laundry today, so if we lose power for what ever reason, I have clothes for the next week. I just have visions of ice storms and power lines breaking. I guess my time in North Carolina took it's toll on me. :)

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Matt and Pam Emerson said...

Wow, Marie, so hard to choose between two cars, isn't it? Matt and I are running into basically the same problem trying to decide what kind of car to get for when we get to Cali. We can't take the truck b/c it doesn't meet Cali standards. So, what to do? We were planning on retiring the Honda and getting a new car, but now it looks like maybe get a new Honda (and by new, I mean newer)? I dunno, we'll have to see. Good luck making a choice. But you gotta get some wheels, girl!