Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Why do I feel guilty?

So.. I got a phone call from a friend of mine yesterday. She was the girl that I would hang out with ALL the time back in North Carolina. We've kinda drifted apart because she betrayed some confidences, and I still have a hard time trusting her. Anyway. She's been pretty much an "all about me type person" and before, I put up with it, and she was much of the time the focus of way too much of my energy.

So the phone call. Her son has a birthday party coming up on Saturday. Now, I was concidered an Aunt or surrogate Mom to her kids. Our separation was pretty hard to deal with, when it came to the kids.... ANYWAY.... I get invited to the Saturday birthday party. Take into account, this birthday party is up in Concord, 2 hours away.

Also, take into account, Jody is out of town today until Friday night, and then will be leaving for Virginia on Sunday. He is doing a camera install in Savannah, and Sunday he needs to go back to Virginia an fix his brother's car. *sigh* He's pretty sure he'll be gone 2-3 days in Virginia. SO, all I have is Saturday to hang out with him.

When I tried to explain this on the phone with her... Well, she got pissed off. She got so pissed off in fact that she hung up on me. And hasn't tried to reach me again.

So tell me... why do I feel guilty? I feel really bad about saying NO. But dang it, it's a 4 hour trek up and back, let alone the time it would take to attend the party... did I mention that this would be with a house full of FIVE YEAR OLDS????? Should I feel guilty? Would YOU?


Matt and Pam Emerson said...

Stop feeling guilty! What does she expect you to do? Drop your entire life just because she called you? You need to do what is right for you. Can you really afford the gas it would take to get up there? And, if you are serious about your relationship with Jody, then he SHOULD take priority over a friend's child's birthday. You aren't really his mother, you know. So, just make the decision, and stop beating yourself up over it. She's the one who hung up on you, you know.

Anonymous said...

I just missed you and wanted to see you. Im sorry I was a selfish person, Ive been working on that for awhile now. It wont happen again, and I love you.